Shooting Victim Near Santa Cruz Drive and Catalina Drive, Hanover Park

Hanover Park police responded about 3:51 PM Friday to Santa Cruz Drive and Catalina Drive Hanover Park, IL. Police received a report that a person was shot by a male/black, age 19. He shot a person, with a semi-automatic handgun.

The suspects are described as ...

#1) male/black, age 19, armed with a semi-automatic handgun, wearing a white Tommy Hilfiger baseball cap, a medium gray sweatshirt, blue jeans with a red stripe, and white gym shoes, and

#2) female/black, red hair with large bun, wearing a black tank top with a purple bra underneath, and blue jeans.

The suspects were last seen on foot in the area of on Catalina from Santa Cruz.

Illinois State police broadcast the shooting occurred at 4:30 p.m., but the shooting is believed to have occurred about 3:50 p.m.

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