RING VIDEO: Package Theft in Northgate Neighborhood Caught on Camera, Arlington Heights

Arlington Cardinal received a report about 3:31 PM Friday of a theft in the Northgate neighborhood, just north of Northpoint Shopping Center, 42.114704, -87.980353 (Northgate neighborhood, Arlington Heights, IL). Arlington Cardinal received a report that unknown offenders were involved in a theft of a package in the Northgate neighborhood, which is just northeast of Arlington Heights Road and Rand Road.

The theft was reported to the Arlington Heights Police Department, according to a message received at Arlington Cardinal.

The date and time and block address are not yet available, but notice may become available if Arlington Heights Police posts information about the apparent crime. Otherwise, Arlington Cardinal may have more information later.

If you are the woman in the video, you should probably turn yourself in to Arlington Heights police before you're identified by someone.

If you were just taking the package to gift wrap it as a kind gesture and return it to the home, you better hurry and get it done. It's almost New Year's already.

If anyone recognizes the woman in the video or the small SUV, you are urged to contact the Arlington Heights Police Department to assist with their investigation.

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