South Middle School Female Student Approached by Taxi Driver on Harvard Avenue near Grove Street, Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police responded about 8:37 PM Wednesday to a report of a suspicious incident at South Middle School, 400 South Highland Avenue Arlington Heights, IL. Police received a report that a South Middle School student was walking home from school on Harvard Avenue (north of Grove), when the student was followed closely by a white and teal taxi cab. The driver then pulled in front of the student, blocked her path on the sidewalk, and waved her over to the cab. The student immediately screamed. Then the driver backed up and sped away.

The student then ran the other direction towards Sigwalt Street.

The driver was described as a male Hispanic in his 40's.

The student alerted a trusted adult who walked her home. Her parents contacted the Arlington Heights Police Department, but it is unknown whether the police were contacted immediately or whether the police notification was delayed. Therefore, it is unknown why there is a two-day lapse from the time of the incident and the time of notification of South Middle School and the subsequent notification of parents. It is unknown whether this delay occurred within the police department, or the delay occurred because the parents did not immediately notify the police department.

Parents were emailed a notification on Friday March 9, 2017 at about 3:25 p.m.

The Arlington Heights Police Department issued a patrol alert regarding this incident to their patrol officers. However, there were no public notifications on any of the official Arlington Heights Police Department message outlets (Citizens Observer, Facebook, or Twitter).

The crime is reported to have occurred on Wednesday but the time detail of the incident was not released.

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