Police, Paramedics Assist Private Ambulance Crew Stopped for Patient Care at Arlington Heights Rd and Lillian Ave, Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 10:15 AM Thursday to a report of a patient needing extra care in a private ambulance at Arlington Heights Road and Lillian Avenue Arlington Heights, Il . Police and firefighter/paramedics received a report that a paramedic crew had stopped for extra patient care on southbound Arlington Heights Road south of Palatine Road.

Paramedics with Advantage Ambulance stopped their ambulance during patient transport to work to stabilize their patient.

The Advantage ambulance had been southbound on Arlington Heights Road when a northbound Arlington Heights traffic patrol car was pulled over to yield for the ambulance. When the ambulance passed, the traffic patrol officer continued northbound, but was stopped by a red light at Lillian Avenue. Shortly afterwards, the southbound ambulance was stopped, and the paramedic that was driving jumped out and got into the back of the ambulance. The traffic patrol officer at the red light noticed in his rear view mirror that something was wrong. He activated his emergency lights and made a U-Turn to pull up safely behind the ambulance stopped in the median. The police officer soon learned that the two paramedics were working, fully-occupied for patient care.

The police officer radioed for a full paramedic response from Arlington Heights Fire Department. An ambulance crew, an engine crew, and a rescue squad crew were dispatched to the scene.

At one point, Arlington Heights Fire Department paramedics brought their Physio Control Lucas Chest Compression System to the private ambulance, so it is likely that CPR was administered in the Advantage Ambulance.

The patient was transported to Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights in the Advantage Ambulance with Arlington Heights firefighter/paramedics on board and following.





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