Bicyclist Crashes with Parked Car; Seriously Injured on Dunton Ave Near Thomas St Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 11:54 AM Tuesday to a report that a bicyclist crashed into a parked car near 1416 North Dunton Avenue Arlington Heights, Il Arlington Heights, Il. The male bicyclist was transported to a hospital with life-threatening injuries by firefighter/paramedics in Ambulance 1. An engine crew was dispatched to the scene for extra personnel.

A witness near the crash scene said the bicyclist was southbound on Dunton Avenue from Thomas Street when the bicyclist looked behind him down the street. The witness said a car door was already open on a red car that was parked at the curb. The witness said the car door was not suddenly opened in front of the bicyclist, but that a person was transferring something to or from the car while the car door was open. The person had put something on the roof when the bicyclist hit the car door. The bicyclist flipped over the front of the bike and the hood of the car onto the street, according to the witness.

The witness said the bicyclist had a gash in his head and was immediately unconscious. The witness thought the bicyclist might have been about 50 years-old.

The bike came to rest in the front of the car. The victim's orange Chicago Bears hat and glasses were in the middle of the street.

This is an early report before an official statement from the Arlington Heights Police Department. The information is subject to corrections or updates when official information is released from the Arlington Heights Police Department.

Dunton Avenue was closed for several hours between Thomas Street and Olive Street during an accident investigation.





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