Large Wedding Fight; Unlawful Use of Weapon Investigation at Banquet Hall on Dundee Rd, Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove police and firefighter/paramedics responded just before 11:44 PM Sunday to a report of a large fight at the Astoria Banquets 1375 West Dundee Road Buffalo Grove, IL. Police responded first, but then firefighter/paramedics were dispatched when there was a report that a person was hit with pepper spray during the fight at a wedding. Also, one of the people involved, possibly a woman, was reported by a witness, to be armed with a gun.

An Buffalo Grove and a Arlington Heights Fire Department rescue ambulance responded to the scene because of the pepper spray activation. Neither of the two ambulances transported any patients.

A wedding guest said that the fight, involving 40-60 people, occurred out in the parking lot, north of the front entrance of the banquet business. He said he was shocked and in disbelief that relatives could get involved in a fight at a wedding.

There was broken glass and a brown wig on the surface of the parking lot in front of the banquet hall.

A witness, working late near the strip mall, saw the commotion, and stopped to watch the incident unfold. He also tipped Cardinal News that it appeared that an Arlington Heights police officer detained someone -- possibly a woman. He also overhead police talking about a gun being discovered among one of the people mixed in with the group in the fight. He thought at least one woman was transported from the scene by Buffalo Grove police.

About 20 police vehicles from Buffalo Grove and Arlington Heights police departments were at the scene in the parking lot covering an area from the front door of Astoria all the way north near the Bank of America at 1355 West Dundee Road.

The scene was calm, and most of the wedding party had departed by 12:25 a.m. Monday. Police officers were talking with each other in two large groups in the parking lot. When asked whether it was safe to walk through the parking lot toward the front entrance, a Buffalo Grove police officer said "there was nothing to see here" and added, "nothing but flashy lights."

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