Seven-Vehicle Crash with 6 Hurt on Lake Cook Rd West of Arlington Heights Road Monday Night

Arlington Heights police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 7:16 PM Monday to a report of a multiple vehicle crash near Lake Cook and Arlington Heights Rd Arlington Heights, Il. Police and firefighter/paramedics received multiple calls that the crash was located just west of Arlington Heights Road. Northwest Central Dispatch also received a telematic roadside assistance call from BMW Assist (BMW SOS) that indicated a BMW X5 was involved in a crash with the driver no responding. There were also reports that people were lying on the ground and one person was being pulled from a car, but fortunately the people were not initially believed to have life-threatening injuries.

Some of the people were still on the ground when the first firefighter/paramedics arrived on the scene.

Six people were transported to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries.

A witness on the scene said that cars waiting for a red light to change to green in the eastbound lanes of Lake Cook Road were affected when the driver of a large white pickup truck, also eastbound, crashed into the rear end of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which was pushed forward. The eastbound Jeep Grand Cherokee was pushed forward causing more eastbound vehicles and oncoming westbound vehicles to be hit.
Some of the secondary collisions were head-on collisions.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was severely damaged. Also severely damaged were a black BMW SUV (X5), a white Toyota Celica convertible with the top down, and a smaller white pickup truck. Two other sedans received less damage, and were driven away after police took their information for report.

Five vehicles were recovered and towed away simultaneously by three men with three three trucks from Hillside Towing. Two flatbed tow trucks towed two vehicles each in one trip away from the crash scene.

Traffic was blocked in both directions until about 8:20 p.m. when the crash scene was cleared. Buffalo Grove's Quint 25's crew blocked the westbound lanes of Lake Cook Road and Engine 4's crew blocked eastbound lanes of Lake Cook Road and lit the scene of the unlit, dark stretch of road.

A Long Grove ambulance, possibly A55 was also on the scene, stopping as they were returning to Long Grove from the hospital.


ENGINE(S): E4 E ??




EMS: A4 A2 Buffalo Grove A25

E = Engine, T = Ladder Truck, TL = Tower Ladder, Q = Quint, SQD = Squad, BC = Battalion Chief, A = Ambulance

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