Homicide Investigation on Brockway St Near Richmond St, Palatine

Palatine police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 1:51 AM Sunday to a report of a person murdered in the block of 300 North Brockway Street Palatine, IL. Police and firefighter/paramedics received a report that a person called 9-1-1 to report that someone was murdered at the scene, and that the caller was no longer at the scene.

Police responded to the scene to investigate the report of a murder, and within minutes of their arrival reported shots fired -- apparently by the police.

At least one man was dead outside in front of the apartment building at the scene. Another person may have been killed inside the apartment building and may be a stabbing victim, but there was no initial confirmation of any information from police. There is no confirmation that there are two killed at the scene.

The body outside was located just to the right of a Chevy sedan that appeared to have crashed into the apartment building door of the east side of the apartment building. An address sign on the building displayed a Brockway Court address where a circle drive is located just west of Brockway Street and just north of Richmond Street.

Three ambulances were dispatched to the scene, and two people were transported by paramedics from the scene. At least one of the victim's transported did not appear to have life-threatening injuries.

Police officers are transported as a precaution as part of standard operating procedures when there is an officer-involved shooting.

No information was initially confirmed by any law enforcement or any other public officials.


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