CTA Elevated Train Stuck on Switch Over Jarvis Ave Near Ashland Ave, Chicago

Chicago police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 9:14 AM Sunday to a report of a CTA elevated train derailment at 1523 Jarvis Avenue Chicago, Il. Chicago Fire Department Battalion Chief 9 initially reported that a Red Line train derailed by only jumping the track, and no passengers were injured. Later, firefighters and CTA officials determined that the problem was not a train derailment, but a weather-related problem at a switch.

Crews helped transfer passengers off the derailed car into stable cars in the same train, and detached the car with the issue at the switch. The CTA then moved the functioning part of the train back to the Howard Station.

For the safety of firefighters and CTA personnel, power was cut to the rails, but was restored quickly to move passengers back to the Howard Station.

The incident occurred about 1200 feet southeast of the CTA Howard Station. Road traffic was congested on Ashland Avenue just north of Jarvis Avenue with emergency equipment on the scene

The Chicago Fire Department Still and Box and EMS Plan 1 was struck out and secured at 9:34 AM by Battalion Chief 9.

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