Mom, Son Safely Evacuate Acura MDX As Flames Break Out Inside SUV While Driving Near Euclid Ave and Hickory Ave, Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 9:12 AM Friday to a report of a vehicle fire in the block of Hickory Avenue and Euclid Avenue Arlington Heights, IL. Police and firefighter/paramedics received a report that a car was on fire. Firefighters on arrival by 9:16 a.m. reported a fully-involved car.

Firefighters hit the fire with a hand line and knocked down the bulk of the fire from about 35 feet away from the vehicle.

Firefighters then masked up with self-contained breathing apparatus and approached the Acura MDX SUV that had been burning with a hot and bright fire.

One firefighter created a water inlet by the side of the hood using a Hurst Tool spreader to spread the side of the hood away from the frame. The firefighting crew also used a Husqvarna rescue saw to cut the hood latch, and then peeled back the hood to extinguish the fire in the engine compartment.

Firefighters used about three-quarters their 750 gallon tank and one hand line to extinguish the vehicle fire and wash down the vehicle.

A mom was driving and traveling home with her young son after visiting Recreation Park. After traveling about three blocks, she noticed very light smoke coming from the air conditioning vents of the Acura MDX SUV. She said at first she thought it was like a humidified mist, but then noticed an odor like fireworks. Next flames showed under the glove box by the passenger's side dashboard. She quickly evacuated the SUV with her son and very quickly bright, large and hot flames engulfed the entire vehicle -- including the passenger compartment and the engine compartment of the Acura MDX.

There were no injuries reported, but the SUV was destroyed. A fire investigator was dispatched to the scene. The hottest part of the fire appeared to be near the passenger side dashboard and glove box in or near the engine compartment.

The information in this article is an early report published before any information was confirmed or released by police or fire authorities.

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