Possible Freon Leak or Other Refrigerant Gas Leak, Evacuation at Mariano's on Hicks Rd, Palatine

Palatine police and firefighter/paramedics responded about 12:23 PM Wednesday to a report of smoke in the building after hearing a popping noise at Mariano's, 545 North Hicks Road Palatine, Il. Police first on the scene reported there was possibly a Freon leak from a cooler. People were already being evacuated when police arrived, and police continued to order evacuation.

Firefighters reported no smoke showing on arrival.

The situation was quickly secured following evacuation, and firefighters were evaluating the indoor air environment for safety. By 12:33 p.m. firefighters were not aware of any injuries. Their initial assessment by 12:33 p.m. was that the indoor environmental air was safe, but firefighters were continuing to investigate.

Nicor was already on the scene, but any possible connection with the incident was not confirmed. Firefighters were investigating the source of the leak.

The information in this article is an early report published before any information was confirmed or released by police or fire authorities.

Freon is a stable, nonflammable, low toxicity gas or liquid which is generally used as refrigerants. Freon is a brand name, but is also commonly used generally for other types of refrigerants.

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