Police Investigating Attempt or Scam to Sell Stolen Auto, Abduction on June Terrace, Barrington

Barrington police responded about 12:46 PM Thursday to a report of an abduction and sighting of a stolen automobile on June Terrace near the intersection of June Terrace and Northwest Highway Barrington, IL. Police received a report that a male offender arrived on June Terrace and then took off in a vehicle he was offering to sell with the victim (buyer) inside the vehicle. The victim, who was considering buying the vehicle, was apparently meeting an offender who was driving a vehicle that was reported stolen in Tinley Park.

The victim was released by the offender in Wheeling and the stolen auto was last seen near Lake Cook Road and Lexington.

The kidnapping suspect was described as a male/black with a tattoo on both biceps, wearing a white T-Shirt, black sweatpants, and a red keychain around his neck.

The vehicle was described as an orange 2016 Dodge Challenger with stolen dealer license plates. The vehicle was stolen out of Tinley Park, and the offender may have been trying to sell the vehicle, or attempting to dupe the victim that he was selling the vehicle, when he was intending to rob the victim of the cash being offered to buy the vehicle.

The victim was secured with police, where he was released by the offender, at Lake Cook Road and Weiland 1:22 p.m. Police received a report that the offender did not take the $8,000 cash that the victim was carrying as payment for the Dodge Challenger.

The crime is reported to have occurred at 12:46 p.m.The stolen auto was sighted by police later Thursday afternoon, but the vehicle and the suspect were not apprehended.

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