SUV Driver Accidentally Crashes into Jeweler's Business on South Dunton Ave, Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police responded about 10:57 AM Sunday to an activated burglary alarm at Persin and Robbin, 24 South Dunton Avenue Arlington Heights, IL. Upon arrival police discovered that the female driver of a Subaru SUV had crashed through the front store window of the jeweler's business.

Firefighter/paramedics were also dispatched in case of any injuries, but police reported there were no injuries after assessing the scene. Persin and Robbin is closed on Sundays and nobody was in the store at the time of the crash.

Apparently the adult female driver accidentally had the transmission in Drive instead of Reverse, and hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal while attempting to back away from a parking space in front of the store. There was an adult male and teen female also in the SUV -- a white Subaru, which jumped over the concrete parking block and pushed in a short distance into the store. The window frame was pushed in, and all glass was broken from the frame.

A board-up crew was working much of the day on Sunday for temporary repair.

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