Offender Displays Gun When Catalytic Converter Theft Interrupted at Brandenberry Park Condominium, Arlington Heights

Arlington Heights police responded about 12:40 AM Tuesday to a report of a catalytic converter theft attempt at the Brandenberry Park Condominiums, 2424 East Oakton Street Arlington Heights, IL. Police received a report that unknown offenders were attempting to steal a catalytic converter at the condominium complex. When the offenders were confronted, a passenger in a black Jeep SUV displayed a handgun.

There were three suspects wearing dark clothing, and a passenger in the front seat displayed a silver handgun. Initially there was no other physical description available for the suspects.

The suspects are wanted for investigation of theft and aggravated assault with a firearm.

The suspects were last seen fleeing in the black Jeep SUV northwest on Rand Road from Camp McDonald Road.

The suspects were spotted later by police on Route 53 near Higgins Road and also eastbound I-290 near Mannheim Road

The crime is reported to have occurred at 12:40 a.m.

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